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Venus of Willendorf statue

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The Woman of Willendorf, formerly called Venus of Willendorf, is the name given to a small statue found in 1908. The statue takes its name from the small Austrian village, Willendorf, near where it was found. Measuring only about four inches high, it is estimated to have been created between 25,000 and 30,000 years ago.

When the Willendorf Goddess was first discovered, she was covered with red ochre, which commonly symbolizes the miraculous power of menstruation and birth. Many ancient Goddesses were found to be decorated, or perhaps blessed, with red ochre.

Her face is hidden, suggesting her divine status, for who can know the face of a Goddess? Her ripe, well-fed body represents abundance and the continuance of life (fertility).

This is a lovely representation of the statue found so many thousands of years ago.
She measures approx 3 1/4" and comes in a black, drawstring pouch.