Vision Quest Crystal Set

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Vision Quest is a term used to describe rites of passage rituals found in almost every culture and tradition throughout the world. They are used to initiate, acknowledge and celebrate important life transitions especially symbolic births and deaths. These sacred initiations tend to empower, enlighten and strengthen as well as humble the individual.

We have put together three crystals that can aid in your personal vision quest - 

Hawks Eye(Blue Tigers Eye) - Helps with our ability to see clearly, both the big picture and especially the small details. Brings into view what might otherwise be hidden or missed. Allows us to stay completely focused, it resonates strongly with the 3rd eye and is known to increase all forms of psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance.

Sardonyx -  Encourages motivation, willpower, discipline and strength of character. It has a strong positive vibration that can aid those that are searching for meaning in their life. Its positive energy can help release stress, anxiety or fears brought on by life circumstances, bolsters confidence and optimism allowing the individual to move forward.

Blue Kyanite - A high vibration crystal with strong 3rd eye energy, aids in contact and communication with spirit guides and higher dimension beings. Opens the Throat Chakra, allowing for self expression and assists one to speak their personal truth, Divine energy flows through ones thoughts and ones words. It has the ability to align all the Chakras, allowing energy to flow freely.

This set consists of 2-3 Hawks Eye(2medium or 3small), 1 Sardonyx, and 1 Blue Kyanite in an organza bag with a piece of white sage information card.

These are absolutely wonderful to meditate with, put under your pillow or on your nightstand.