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White Willow Bark - 3oz - Esoteric Aroma
White Willow Bark - 3oz - Esoteric Aroma
White Willow Bark - 3oz - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

White Willow Bark - 3oz, 45% OFF

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The Willow is said to be one of the 7 sacred trees of the Irish and was important in Druidism, and its branches were woven into baskets to hold sacrifices. This is a highly feminine tree and is associated with intuition, dreams and deep emotions.

 The Willow is a Moon tree sacred to the White Lady and its groves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and all types of artisans sat among these trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills and prophecies.

Willow reacts to the will of the one who is utilizing it, enhancing the energy accordingly.

Burn as incense along with Sandalwood for divination.

Planet - Moon

Element - Water

Willow Bark has been used for its pain-relieving qualities for at least 2,000 years. It contains salicin, which is converted to salicylic acid in the body. Salicylic acid is closely related to aspirin. herbalists recommend White Willow Bark for headache, fever, arthritis, and other disorders characterized by pain and inflammation.

Cut and sifted

Comes in a 3oz package

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