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Yarrow or Achillea is one the world's oldest medicinal plants and has been used since very ancient times.

Yarrow is used for divination, love spells and in spells for contacting or seeking out a specific person. The flowers can be added to dream pillows to encourage prophetic dreams. Rubbing your eyelids with yarrow is said to enhance psychic abilities. It can be used in incense to cleanse the aura.

Yarrow tea can also be drunk prior to divination, and to help the mind focus on a specific issue, or avoid distractions (always consult your doctor before ingesting herbs).

 Either by keeping the plant near or by making use of the flower essence, Yarrow can  help protect against negative outside influences and provide psychic protection. 

Yarrow can  help protect against negative outside influences and  provide psychic protection.  It is used to protect against negative energy and evil and overcoming the forces of darkness as it is a conductor of benevolent powers. 

Renowned Ayurvedic and Medical Herbalist Anne McIntyre shares that yarrow;

“Helps to clarify boundaries between people: particularly useful for those who are easily influenced and depleted by others and their environment. It is for those who easily absorb negative influences, and may be prone to allergies and environmental illness. By ‘astringing’ the boundaries around a person and preventing their energies from ‘bleeding’ into their environment, it acts to strengthen and solidify the self, the essence, allowing and enhancing their ability to heal, teach, counsel or follow their chosen path.”

Comes in a 4oz package