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Remove Negativity Using the Best Crystals for Depression

Written by Mark Peto


Posted on October 20 2021

The Best Crystals for Depression

We all experience periods of low moods with bouts of negativity or sadness but when it manifests itself so that you lose interest in what’s going on around you, it’s likely that you’re suffering from depression. In the current climate in particular, depression is becoming increasingly common, with many people feeling extremely lonely, anxious, and helpless.

Depression can affect you both physically and mentally, becoming debilitating the more hopeless you feel. Physically, you may find it hard to sleep, have lost your appetite, and suffer from fatigue. Mentally, you may find yourself worrying excessively, lacking concentration, pushing people away from you, feeling overwhelmingly sad, and losing interest in activities that you would normally enjoy.  

While you should seek professional help if you’re suffering from a severe case of depression, the use of crystals can help you combat some of the negative energy you may be exposed to. Here, we’ve detailed the best crystals for depression that can elevate your low vibration. They can help to relieve the negative thoughts and sinking feeling that may be pulling you down.    



One of the top crystals for depression is Carnelian. With a vibrant orange color, it serves to motivate you and fills you with a renewed sense of vitality. It protects against negativity, such as resentment, rage, and anxiety. Carnelian bolsters your mood and helps to stabilize your thoughts. This, in turn, effectively combats some of the side effects of depression so that you feel less stressed, brighter, and more comfortable in your own skin. It helps to improve your concentration and prevent you from being distracted. It allows you to start valuing yourself again so that the feelings of apathy gradually slip away. As its protective and healing energies dispel the negativity, you will recognize the positive things around you and feel happier once again.


Lepidolite sphere

When you’re burdened by excessive worrying, Lepidolite has a soothing energy to help calm your mind. This crystal dispels negative thoughts and transforms your downtrodden feelings into ones of positivity and joy. By reducing fear and anxiety while harmonizing your nervous system, Lepidolite stones are effective crystals for depression as they help you transition from darkness to light.



Citrine stones are ideal crystals for depression as they uplift you with their energy. The radiant yellow color of Citrine sparks feelings of happiness and has a luminosity that helps push away your darkest moods. It works to absorb negative energy and make room for positivity. You’ll notice the stagnant feelings disappear and being replaced by motivation, optimism, and self-confidence. As you start to look at things with a new perspective, you’ll be flooded with inspiration and experience a drive of joyful energy that propels you forward.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

The balancing power of Clear Quartz helps you to cope better both physically and mentally with depression. Its incredible healing properties increase your vibration and it cleanses your mind of negative thoughts. It improves your levels of concentration and amplifies the energy around you.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

When you’re feeling insecure and full of self-doubt, Tiger’s Eye is one of the renowned crystals for depression. Its healing energy increases your self-confidence and makes you feel stronger mentally so that you can overcome the negative thoughts that continually weigh you down. Your anxiety is replaced with optimism and you become strong enough to handle what previously seemed like obstacles.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a grounding crystal, bringing you back to yourself when a depressed mood can seem to be spiraling out of control. Its purifying energy cleanses you of anxiety and fear to encourage uplifting vibes to take their place. As the negative energy is dispelled, you’ll feel happier and calmer.



Amethyst heals you emotionally. It cleanses you of negative energy so that depressing thoughts are lifted away and replaced with positive ones. As your mood is elevated, any stress you are feeling begins to disappear and you feel lighter and reassured that everything will be okay.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

The grounding crystal of Ocean Jasper cleanses negative energy and helps to stabilize your emotions. Its soothing power works to alleviate stress and leaves you feeling calmer and stronger. This renewed strength allows you to cope with the changes that brought on your depression in the first place. Ocean Jasper helps you find your way out of it and back to grasping your life with both hands so that you are fully in control of it once again.


Black Obsidian arrow

The protective power of Obsidian blocks negative emotions that can bring you down. Instead, you feel stronger and able to take control of issues that can otherwise lead to depression.


*We are not health professionals and make no claims as such. We suggest speaking with your doctor and/or therapist if you are depressed or having suicidal thoughts.