About us

About Esoteric Aroma

Esoteric Aroma was manifested into creation by the strong desire to bring metaphysical tools to all those in need. If you have found us, it is by divine design and we are so blessed to have you!

We offer a wide variety of artisan incense, natural incense and everyday incense to help you set the mood, the tone and the intention for your Sacred Space.

We offer powerful Sacred Smudging blends designed to cleanse, clear and infuse a space with specific intentions.

We also offer specimen crystals which are handpicked by us, based on their energy, visual appeal and their ability to aid in transformation and ascension.

Who is Esoteric Aroma

Mark & Laura are the founders of Esoteric Aroma. Both are Reiki Masters, Ministers and have been mentored by members of many faiths. 

Their guiding wish is to help those that have stepped upon the path of self-discovery and spirituality. They believe that while we all may be on different paths, our destination to Source is always the same.

Where is Esoteric Aroma

We are located in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL