Feel Safe with these Top Crystals for Protection

Written by Mark Peto


Posted on September 27 2021

Top Crystals for Protection

Negative energy affects you every day from your surroundings. You may be targeted by toxic energy from another person, for example, or passively receive negative waves from electronic devices in your home or workplace, known as EMFs (electromagnetic fields). The use of protection crystals can help to either block or absorb this negative energy, helping you to feel safer and calmer. Offering different ways to combat unwanted energy, these are the top crystals for protection.

Black Tourmaline

This powerful protector blocks all negative energy and works to cleanse the area around you so that all of the negative vibes are completely dispelled. Psychic attacks from others are blocked and the negative energy is actually repelled and sent back to the person who emitted it. This helps to release you from negative thoughts, which improves your mindset and mood. Your anxiety and stress are reduced, leaving you feeling positive and motivated.

Black Tourmaline is also well-known for its ability to counteract the negative effects of electronics. EMFs gradually sap your energy and this protection crystal absorbs the EMFs so that your energy is grounded. With this incredibly powerful ability to dispel negative energy, Black Tourmaline is a potent protector crystal to have in your home or workplace.


Another powerful black crystal – as the colour absorbs all others – Obsidian absorbs all negative energy, whether it is flowing around you or directed at you. When you’re feeling low with pessimistic or cynical thoughts, these protection crystals ensure your mood is lifted as you’re filled with positive energy. This leaves you feeling calm and able to benefit from a positive outlook on life. Place a piece of Black Obsidian in a place where you can benefit most from its protection and calming qualities, such as the hallway in your home, on your work desk, or in your car.

Clear quartz

When searching for crystals for protection, clear quartz acts as a great shield by deflecting the negative energy from your body. By doing this, it attracts positivity so that you feel safe, calm, and ready to face the day. Whereby you may have been hampered by negativity, you will no longer be weighed down by it. Clear Quartz has versatile qualities, not least of which is that it amplifies energy from other crystals. This means that if you have other protection crystals nearby, your Clear Quartz will magnify their protective energy.


Pyrite protects against negative energy both on an emotional level and an environmental one. It is best-known for its effectiveness against the harmful EMFs emitted by technology, which sap your energy and block your creativity. To shield you from this and to stimulate your mind, increase your confidence, and boost your creative energy, place a piece of Pyrite on your work desk or any space where you’re surrounded by gadgets that could otherwise drain you.


Negative energies are reflected away from you when you have Hematite nearby. It helps to ease your mind of nagging worries and feelings of being unsafe. It is also said to cleanse toxins from your body and is one of the best crystals for protection against EMFs. Keep a grounding piece of Hematite on your work desk or another area where you need to concentrate and think clearly.