Black Kyanite Blades

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Black Kyanite is such a wonderful crystal to have because of its extensive metaphysical properties. Use this crystal during meditation to look into past lives, to unblock stagnant energies within all the chakras and to transmit and amplify high frequency energies.

This is a great crystal to keep under your pillow as it is said to aid one in dream work and to be of assistance in interpreting psychic and intuitive thoughts.

Its vibration is able to heal tears and holes in the auric field and chakras. It never requires cleaning as it does not accumulate or retain negative energy and is perfect for cleansing and clearing other stones/crystals. 

An excellent crystal to keep with tarot and oracle decks especially if they are handled by the person being read.

Both grounding and energizing, it is the perfect piece to slip into your pocket before heading out for the day!

You will receive 1 of these beautiful blades that measure approx 2 1/2" - 2 3/4" long.