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Frankincense and Myrrh resin incense

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Frankincense and Myrrh resin incense is well know around the world. This blend is incredibly powerful during meditation to raise vibration, pull in energy and set intentions.

Frankincense resin is known to be one of the most treasured substances on earth. It has been used for centuries in religious & spiritual ceremonies, as an aid for deepening meditation and for many types of ritual works. It has a wonderful relaxing and calming effect and is beneficial in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Frankincense carries the vibration of the Sun, holds masculine energy and represents the element of fire. This is a beautiful resin to burn during rituals calling for these energies and vibrations. The beautiful fragrance brings your thoughts to the present, allows you to focus your intentions and purifies the area in which you are working.

Myrrh resin is known as one of the gifts given to Jesus upon his birth by the Magi. Myrrh is considered a staple in most spiritual practices and is beautiful when mixed with frankincense. This gorgeous granular incense is known to be a space purifier, amplifies the intention set and raises the vibration during meditation and spellwork.

It is said that myrrh increases the power of any other resin it is added to. The smoke from myrrh is used to consecrate sacred objects and to bless and protect these objects.