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Tibetan Incense | Red Sandalwood

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Our Red Sandalwood incense are made in Nepal and are beautifully earthy, soft and relaxing. Made with only pure, natural ingredients including red sandalwood, these are perfect to burn during meditation or for ritual use.

Sandalwood is considered to have a very high vibration, ideal for devotional and angelic magic. Sandalwood has a calming, sedative effect and aids in meditation. In ritual formulas, it is used for purification, consecration, relaxation, and peace.

Tibetan incense are stickless and because of this, will not fit in a traditional incense holder. We have included a holder specifically designed for this type of incense, with each order (see photo).

Each stick is approx 4" and will burn approx 1 hour (depending on room conditions). You will receive approx 30 sticks.