Benzoin Resin Incense Benefits

Written by Mark Peto


Posted on June 05 2022

Benzoin Resin Incense

Benzoin resin incense

The smell of Benzoin is warm, soothing, calming and seductive with it's earthy balsamic notes and delicious vanilla undertone. This tree resin is extremely popular in the fragrance industry, spiritual community and religious groups and indigenous cultures.

Types of Benzoin

There are 2 common types of Benzoin; Benzoin Sumatra & Benzoin Siam. Benzoin Siam is obtained from Styrax tonkinensis, which are found across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Benzoin Sumatra is obtained from Styrax benzoin, which grows mainly on the island of Sumatra.

Benzoin is also one of the ingredients in Pontifical resin

Spiritual Uses of Benzoin

  • Used in rites of purification, it is wonderful for clearing energy from ritual tools (cauldrons, knives, wands, crystals, altar cloths etc)
  • Use as a smudge to bring in positive energy for health, prosperity and house blessings
  • Acts as an aid for astral projection. Burn Benzoin resin just before bed, set your intention on where you would like to astral project and visualize it happening
  • Benzoin Sumatra is associated with the Sun (masculine energy) and brings in this bright, direct and powerful energy
  • Benzoin Siam is associated with Venus (feminine energy) and brings in love, balance and harmony

Physical and Mental Benefits of Benzoin

  • Aids in concentration and focus (which makes it great for students)
  • Enhances creativity
  • May increase sexuality and sensuality (due to it's vanilla aroma)
  • Mood enhancing, uplifting and keeps symptoms of depression at bay
  • Improves blood circulation, soothes inflammation, relieves arthritis and prevents infections (1)

There are so many amazing benefits to Benzoin resin, it's no wonder it has been used for centuries for physical and metaphysical purposes!