What are Prophecy Stones

Written by Mark Peto


Posted on June 20 2022

Prophecy Stones & their healing benefits

Prophecy Stone


Prophecy Stones are extremely rare and found in the desert regions of the Middle East. This is near where another rare stone is found, Libyan Desert Glass or Libyan Gold Tektite. They are also found in the Sahara Desert in Botswana and in the Egyptian Desert.

Prophecy Stones are considered a Pseudomorph crystal. A Pseudomorph is created when a specific mineral replaces another mineral, leaving the shape of the original in tact, but creating an entirely new stone.

There are five main types of Pseudomorphs:

Alteration Pseudomorph

This occurs when only a partial replacement mineral is found. This usually happens when the original mineral has a chemical reaction to another mineral of similar composition, but retains the crystalline form. This normally will be visible on the surface of the original mineral, leaving the core in its original state. A perfect example is Azurite/Malachite.

Substitution Pseudomorph

This is also known as 'infiltration pseudomorph' and is when one mineral completely takes over another. A crust is formed and the original mineral completely disssolves. The crust acts like a mold and retains the shape of the original mineral, but there is no trace of the original left. The chemical composition, hardness, density and coloration is now the new mineral. An example of this is Petrified Wood.


Also known as 'incrustation pseudormorphs', these are found when one mineral coats another and creates a mold that covers the original. This new mineral crust remains intact, while the original mineral dissolves. The end result is a mold formation of the new mineral, with the surface exhibiting the shape and characteristics of both minerals. This is commonly seen through exposure to naturally occurring acidic conditions.


Sometimes referred to as Paramorphs, this is a type of Pseudomorph that has experienced a change only on a molecular level. Allomorphs maintain their original, unaltered form and chemical  composition, but carry a different molecular structure. This usually occurs when a mineral is replaced by another mineral with the same chemical structure (dimorphs), but a different molecular structure. An example of this is Aragonite and Calcite. Both crystals are forms of calcium carbonate and have the same chemical formula. The difference is that Calcite is trigonal and Aragonite is orthorhombic. 


This type of Pseudomorph has been created by its environment. A coating forms over the original mineral and the original may or may not dissolve. If the original does desolve, it is referred to as a 'cast'. An example of this is a Geode.

Spiritual and Metaphysical benefits of Prophecy Stones

When first working with this stone in meditation, the man who discovered it experienced a profound vision of the future. He named it Prophecy Stone after his vision came to pass. 

Prophecy Stones have an incredibly high vibration that most people experience immediately. The energy can feel a little scattered at first and it may take some time to assimilate it into your own vibrational frequency. If you have ever worked with Moldavite, you'll understand what we mean by this.

This is a powerful stone for grounding light energy into our physical body. If you are looking for help from higher realms, this stone will allow you to integrate the information received and understand the messages with increased clarity.

This is an ideal stone to use during meditation. as it aids you in opening to new levels of awareness and expansion.

If you are a lucid dreamer or clairvoyant, this is a must have crystal as it will increase your psychic abilities.

Prophecy Stones are a powerful tool for shamanic journeys. This stone will allow you to reach inner and outer places you may have had trouble accessing before. Used during meditation or trance-work, it works with the Crown, Third Eye and Root chakras. Because it works with higher and lower chakras, you will be able to access higher realms, without "floating away". You will remain grounded and secure, while accessing higher planes.

If you are looking to access and work with the information found in the Akashic Records, this stone is a wonderful aid. The Akashic Records is a library of sorts, containing all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present and future.

These exceptional stones are extremely difficult to collect due to the harsh environment they are found in. As more and more people become of aware of them, they will become increasingly difficult to find at a reasonable price. We have lovely pieces available here and are keeping our prices below market value for as long as possible!