Svadhisthana Chakra

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on October 18 2019

What is the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana sits above the pelvic region, below the navel and encompasses our genital area. Put your focus there now…

How does it affect me?

This chakra is all about joy, pleasure and creativity. Being in this physical body means that we have the gift of experiencing these things. We are all creative by nature, it’s in our make up as humans. When this creativity is ignored, we are unbalanced. When we are deprived of physical pleasure, we are unbalanced. This feels like emotional instability, depression and sexual dysfunction.

In this time that we are living in now, we find that this chakra is the one in need of the most attention. In our society, it is frowned upon to act child-like unless you are a child. We are taught that there is a time for play, but only after work. To balance this chakra, you must find time to be like a child. Play, dance, sing, catch butterflies, laugh, color, swing, skip…. there are a million little things that you can do to bring your attention to this beautiful chakra. We’ve listed just a few below.

How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy – The color of this chakra is ORANGE. Incorporate anything orange into your wardrobe. Paint your toes orange, wear a shade of orange lipstick, wear orange underwear (this is actually perfect because it will lie in the exact region of the chakra). Burn an orange candle. There are chakra candles on the market now that work with specific chakras. We use them and carry them in our shop. This stuff works!
  • Ida Nadi (nostril) breathing – Close your right nostril with the first two fingers on your right hand. Inhale and exhale through your left nostril, about 8 times. The breath should be slow and focused. Imagine the air flowing into and out of the area of this chakra.
  • Crystal therapy – Meditating with and carrying Carnelian, Orange Calcite or Orange Elestial (our personal favorite!) will bring balance to this chakra. We are huge believers in the power of crystals and use them every day.
  • Herbs – Coriander, Calendula and Fennel
  • Essential oils – Bergamot, Orange, Rose, Ylang ylang and definitely Vanilla (it is an aphrodisiac, so yeah, it works!!)
  • Chanting – The sound that awakens and balances this chakra is VAM. Chant this word during meditation. Feel the way the word vibrates in your mouth and on your tongue and lips.

Our challenge to you today is to do one silly thing. Something out of the ordinary, anything. Sing in the car, dance in your kitchen, skip along a side-walk. Just one little thing… yep, you’re going to feel silly. But, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?