Black Tourmaline

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on September 20 2019

Healing properties of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline crystals are perhaps the most well known minerals in the crystal kingdom. This lovely black crystal is highly protective (energetically speaking), rids an area of negavite energy, is grounding and helps to shield you from dangerous EMF radiation emitted from cellphones, televisions, laptops and wifi.

Holding a piece of Black Tourmaline is quite calming, especially if you have OCD and/or an overactive mind (monkey mind). This crystal is wonderful at pulling all your scattered energy back in and grounding it to Mother Earth.

Black Tourmaline is a master at transmuting negative energy! We have this crystal everywhere inside and outside of our home. At the threshold of our front door, in the entryway to our home, in all four corners of our home (along with Selenite - these two crystals are amazing together!). 



  • You find yourself scattered throughout the day 
  • You are an Empath and tend to soak up other's energy/emotions
  • You work at a computer (place a piece between you and your computer)
  • You are around negative people (work, school etc)
  • You have issues with your Root or Base Chakra (safety, security, grounding)

There is some debate on whether Black Tourmaline needs to be cleansed and charged and we would say ultimately, it really is up to you. Do what feels right for you. If you do decide your trusty crystal could use a little freshen up, we suggest using one of the following options:

Sage smoke - Hold your crystal in the smoke of a lit White Sage wand, or incense made with real White Sage (our Artisan White Sage incense are perfect for this!).

Bury your crystal in soil - If you are doing this method, make sure you remember where you buried it! It may be better to place some soil in a dish (never plastic) and bring it inside. This way the critters won't dig up your lovely crystal and scamper off with it!

Sound - You can use a Crystal Singing bowl, Tuning Forks, Tingsha Chimes, drums, clapping (be prepared to clap A LOT if using this method... lol).