Blue Apatite Meaning and Healing Properties

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on September 22 2019

Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

The word Apatite comes from the greek word "apatein" meaning "to mislead or deceive". This is due to the fact that this stone can be mistaken for other minerals such as Tourmaline, Peridot or Beryl.

It was first discovered in 1786 by a German geologist by the name of Abraham Gottlob Werner. The largest deposit of this mineral was found in Kirovsk, Russian, but it is also found in Brazil, Burma, Madagascar and Mexico.

Blue Apatite

If you are looking to strengthen your psychic gifts, Blue Apatite is the crystal for you. This is a deeply spiritual crystal that allows you to communicate effectively the messages you may be receiving from the Spirit Realm. Many times when I have done readings in the past, a message from Spirit will come through as an image and/or a feeling, rather than specific words. This type of incoming information can be difficult to interpret in verbal form. Having Blue Apatite opens your Throat Chakra so you are able to express (correctly) the information that has just been shown to you.

When to use Blue Apatite

  • If you have had any type of problem that has been nagging at you, but you can't seem to find a solution, this is the stone to use. Place a piece under your pillow at night and allow the vibration to help you find a resolution during dream time. Many times, people report that upon waking, they were shown the solution to their problem in their dreams.
  • If you have an upcoming public speaking engagement, Blue Apatite will help with communicating your thoughts in a clear, concise and coherent manner.
  • Students would do well to keep a piece nearby when studying.
  • Some even say that this lovely stone alleviates the fear of going to the dentist!

Spiritual uses for Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite expands the awareness of past-life experiences and may enhance the understanding of any karmic influences on one's current reality. [Ahsian, 41] Its vibration attracts the "blue beings" of the supernal regions, whether ETs, guides or godlike entities such as Krishna, and allows one to commune with them. [Simmons, 41]

Apatite stimulates and expands clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the awareness of the Devic realm. 

 Blue Apatite and the Chakras

This lovely blue stone works very well with the Throat and Third Eye chakras but it also works to help clear all of the 7 main chakra centers. It is wonderful for balancing the yin yang energy in the body and aids in kundalini awakening.

Blue Apatite and the Elements

Because of its beautiful blue color, Blue Apatite is connected strongly with the element of Water. This is a cleansing energy that is strong and powerful. This element signifies regeneration, rebirth and the cycle of life.