The Positive Benefits of Energetic Cleansing

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on October 30 2021

Our bodies attract energy all day, every day. Whether it’s from the physical objects around us, energies flowing from others or simply energy in the air, both our bodies and the space around us can become filled with energy that needs to be cleansed before it becomes stagnant.

Why energetic cleansing is important

While we’re aware of some energies, such as the positive vibes from a happy person or the negative energy bouncing off someone who’s in a bad mood, many of the energies affecting us aren’t visible but their levels soon mount up. As energy continues to build up and linger around you, it gradually becomes stagnant, turning into negative energy. When you’re subjected to an unhealthy environment, this brings you down both physically and mentally so you need to rid yourself of these negative energies with energetic cleansing.

Methods of energetic cleansing

There are various techniques you can use for energy clearing, which have been practised since ancient times. These can include smudging, ritual bathing, and the use of crystals.


This is a powerful technique for cleansing that has been used around the world for centuries. It effectively cleanses an area, such as your home or workspace, to get rid of any lingering energy that can pull your mood down. If you’re feeling sad or angry, smudging pushes those negative thoughts from your mind and lifts your mood. A smudging ritual is also a good way to cleanse negative energy from objects and to cleanse your crystals. The most popular choice for smudging is the use of sage, with White Sage being the most potent as it removes all of the energies lingering in a space.

All you need to do is light the end of your sage wand and let it burn slightly. Blow it out and then waft it gently around the space you wish to cleanse. As the smoke spreads, it deeply cleanses the space of any built-up energies, leaving the room feeling more welcoming and open.

Another effective energy clearing tool is using the smoke from incense, particularly Palo Santo, which releases negative ions into the air that bond to and neutralize positive ions. You’ll notice an instant feeling of being uplifted.

White Sage wand

Ritual bathing

You can also cleanse your auric field with ritual bathing. Wash away the negative energies as you soak in a hot bath. Use an organic soap, with natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and your senses to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Many root workers suggest using Reckitt's Crown Blue Squares for ritual bathing. Just add a tablet to your bathwater and soak in the lovely blue water.



Crystals are versatile in the way they handle energy clearing. Some absorb negative energy while others transmute it into a more beneficial vibration and others actively cleanse the energy in the surrounding area. Use energetic cleansing staples, such as black salt and Selenite, to keep the negative vibes at bay.

Crystal quartz

After the energy clearing experience

When your energy clearing ritual has been completed, you’ll notice a feeling of lightness and relief. The space around you will seem more open with a calmer ambience. Choose the cleansing method that you are drawn to and benefit from renewed positivity and balance.