Written by Laura Peto


Posted on September 21 2019

Healing properties of Celestite

Celestite geode

Celestite is a high vibration crystal that is known as "The Teacher of the New Age" and the "Stone of Heaven". This beautiful blue stone will help to connect you with the Angelic Realm and allow the intense energies to flow freely into your Crown chakra. If you are looking to connect with your Guardian Angel, sit in meditation with a piece of Celestite and just wait and see what happens!

Celestite is one of the most peaceful crystals available. It is loving, calming and brings in a sense of peace and harmony. A wonderful crystal to keep in the bedroom as it infuses the space with its sweetness.

Celestite may be a high vibration crystal, but it does not feel as intense as other high vibe crystals. The word that comes to me every time I sit with this crystal is flow. This crystal reminds you that you are always protected, always surrounded by Angels and your job is just to flow with life.