Vishuddha Chakra

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on October 19 2019

What is the Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha is the first of the three Spiritual Chakras and can be found in the throat region of the body. This chakra is all about speaking your truth, communicating effectively and expressing yourself in an authentic manner.

Where is it?

Residing in the throat area, this chakra governs the areas of the throat, mouth, larynx, jaw and neck. Place your hand there now, feel the warmth of this energy as it enters your palm.

How does it affect me?

For many people, this chakra is quite a challenge. The effects of an unbalanced throat chakra can range from sinus issues, being over-talkative, being shy and quiet, always saying yes (even if you really want to say no), lying, being verbally abusive to others, having a lump in the throat, ear problems, chronic tooth and gum issues. We are affected all the time by this chakra and if it is unbalanced, it really can make quite a mess of things. Having a balanced throat chakra will help you to verbally and non-verbally communicate with those around you.

How can I balance it?

  • Color therapy - BLUE is the color of this chakra. Wear blue, use a blue pen at work, burn a blue candle. Focus on the color blue; gaze into the blue sky, sit in front of a pond, ocean or river.
  • Crystal therapy - Meditate using an aquamarine, blue topaz, blue calcite, turquoise or celestite (this one is our particular favorite because it also allows you to work with Angel energy).
  • Essential oils - Lavender, coriander, geranium
  • Herbs - Thyme, basil, peppermint, cloves
  • Chanting - This chakra resonates to the sound HAM. Say this sound now. Feel it in your throat, mouth, on your lips and tongue.
  • Sing - This is our favorite and it really works. Sing... out loud...really loud. You are not trying to impress anyone with your operatic range, that is not what this exercise is for. What you are doing is bringing energy into this region. Energy, movement and flow is key to any balanced chakra. So turn up that song and sing!

Our challenge for you today is to really sing. When I feel my throat chakra becoming unbalanced, I turn on my favorite 80's music (yep, I'm an 80's girl) and Madonna & I sing our hearts out. Try it... you'll not only be balancing your Throat chakra, but the lower three chakras as well. It's a win win.