5 Benefits of Palo Santo

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on June 04 2022

Palo Santo Benefits

Medicine Men, Women and Shamans have known about the healing benefits of Palo Santo for centuries. Burning Palo Santo wood has a calming effect on the mind/body/spirit, it is spiritually and energetically purifying, it acts as a deep energetic cleanser and brings in positive energies.

A little background on Palo Santo

Palo Santo, also know as Bursera Graveolens, is a mystical tree that grows in the forest Ecuador, Peru, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and other South American countries. 

Spanish monks, who discovered the tree centuries ago, named it Palo Santo or "Holy Wood". They understood the magical power of this special tree and knew that it commanded respect. This powerful energy remains in the wood even after it has been broken down to sticks, chips or powder.

Because of the reverence Native People have for this wood, they only harvest from trees that have naturally fallen. The fallen branches are left on the forest floor to develop the rich oils within. After some time, these branches are collected and broken down into smaller pieces and the oils are extracted.

Healing benefits of Palo Santo

1. Cleans and purifies the energy of a space

The smoke from Palo Santo is highly aromatic and sweet. It only takes a little bit of smoke to feel the shift in the energy of a room.

2. Calming and relaxing

The smell of Palo Santo turns on our relaxation response which reduces anxiety, insomnia and calms the mind and body.

3. Eases migraines and stress induced headaches

Palo Santo increases blood flow to the brain, reduces inflammation and turns off pain receptors.

4. Acts as a flu and cold treatment

It is thought to fight infections and viruses and ease the severity of congestion and nausea.

5. Reduces allegeries

Lowers the body's response to histamines, fights seasonal allergies and asthma related symptoms.


Forms of Palo Santo and how to use each

Palo Santo Oil -

  • The oil can be added to a diffuser or oil burner and allowed to gently infuse the room with it's lovely aroma
  • Add a few drops to a pot of water, place on a stove-top and allow to simmer gently
  • Keep a bottle of oil in your purse or in your desk at work and inhale the aroma whenever you need an instant anxiety or stress reducer
  • Add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply it to the skin

Palo Santo Resin -

While pure Palo Santo Resin is not easy to find, it truly is worth the hunt! The scent is concentrated, highly intoxicating and has incredible energy. When using Palo Santo resin incense, you will need a censer (resin burner), charcoal, tongs and sand.

  • Place resin burner sand in the bottom of your heat-proof vessel
  • Hold the charcoal disc with your tongs and light it
  • Once the disc is entirely lit, place it on top of the sand
  • Add a very small amout of Palo Santo resin incense to the top of the hot coal
  • As the resin melts, it will release it's special fragrance

Palo Santo Wood

  • Light one end of the Palo Santo stick
  • Allow the flame to light the end for at least 30 seconds
  • Blow the flame out and allow the stick to burn for as long as needed