The Benefits of Red Crystals for Your Mind and Body

Written by Mark Peto


Posted on December 14 2021

The Benefits of Red Crystals

Bold and intense, red is a powerful color that’s also associated with heat and passion. It’s no surprise then that red crystals have these traits, being some of the warmest and most supportive crystals that inspire and drive you, lifting you up with a boost of energy that invigorates both your mind and body. Here, we help you discover the benefits of red crystals and have detailed some of the most popular types.

Provides emotional and physical healing

The healing properties of red crystals work to balance your emotions. When you’re suffering from anxiety, fear, or low spirits, they raise your vibrations to lift your mood and lessen the negative feelings. Physically, they give you a boost of energy and strengthen your body. Your metabolism is brought back into balance and any feelings of lethargy begin to dissipate.

Drives you to achieve your goals

As your mind and body have been cleared of negative energy, you feel energized and motivated. You’re inspired to move forward with purpose and are determined to reach your goals. With increased enthusiasm, you become actively involved in situations to get things done when and how they need to be.

Enhances your relationships

Red crystals are also synonymous with warmth, romance, and passion. Associated with heat, these crystals relight the fire inside you and add a welcome spark to your relationship. At the same time, they calm any feelings of uncertainty so that you feel secure and confident in your relationship.

Lighter shades of red crystals

Crystals with lighter shades of red, such as pink or red with hues of orange, tone down the passion and power to encourage feelings of kindness and a caring attitude.

Darker shades of red crystals

Red crystals with darker shades are mixed with hints of brown or black. They have long-lasting energy, which increases your levels of commitment in everything you do as well as your devotion to your loved ones.

Types of red crystals

Recharge your energy and feel stronger within when you use red crystals in your daily life. Here are some popular gemstones to choose from.



This rare and precious gemstone has been favored by royalty for centuries. It instills you with confidence and courage to embrace those doubts in your minds and face your fears. Ruby gives you the determination and passion to get past any obstacles that may have been holding you back and push forward with no boundaries to restrict you.

Red jasper

Red Jasper

Red jasper is incredibly grounding, using its vibrational energy to stabilize your body. It helps you to focus so that can you can find solutions to problems or be inspired by new ideas. This red gemstone also has strong protective and healing powers that help guard you against catching illnesses, such as a cold or the flu, and increase your ability to overcome sickness.

Red carnelian

Red Carnelian

When you’re feeling exhausted, red carnelian provides vibrant energy to increase your inner strength. You’ll feel stimulated mentally and able to unlock your creative side.

Red garnet


For positive change, you need to introduce some red garnet into your life. It allays any anxiety or fear, replacing these negative feelings with courage and a sense of self-worth. If you suffer from depression, red garnet can help to ease your symptoms. Able to ignite passion and romance, this fiery gemstone does wonders for your relationship, allowing you to move forward in love.

Red coral

Red Coral bracelet

With great healing energy, red coral aids the healing process for bruises and wounds as well as injuries to bone and tissue. It also promotes a feeling of determination and increases your self-esteem so that you can overcome any setbacks.

Red mookaite


As another gemstone that boosts your self-esteem, red mookaite leads to positive outcomes. It improves your ability to communicate and gives you increased confidence in situations while enhancing your creativity.

Red morganite

Symbolizing divine love, red morganite radiates energy to fill you with love, compassion, and respect. When you constantly self-criticize, this bolstering gemstone calms your negative emotions and allows you to understand just how special you are.

Red quartz crystal

Moroccan Red Quartz

When you want something that’s just out of your grasp due to laziness or fear, Red Quartz helps you to overcome those negative traits. It also works to combat discord in your relationships, helping to strengthen them instead. Amplifying your emotions, red quartz is a powerful symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship.

Red citrine

Filled with radiant and warm energy, red citrine brings comfort and positivity in the form of good luck, prosperity, and matters of the heart.