Written by Laura Peto


Posted on February 24 2021

Scolecite Benefits & Healing Properties


Scolecite gemstone


The serene beauty of Scolecite is both calming and relaxing, in spite of its high vibration energy. For sensitive people, high vibration crystals can sometimes bring in an overload of energy. This crystal gently eases tension, brings pure white light into the aura and physical body and opens the Crown chakra.

This is a stone of connection and is very useful for interdimensional travel. It offers protection from negative energies while in the Astral Plane. Scolecite facilitates the opening of informational networks and patterns in order to communicate with other worlds, especially with the spiritual world. Scolecite is a helpful stone for extra-terrestrial communication and to access information from ancient civilizations. Scolecite helps one connect to their higher self level of consciousness to gain a better perspective on one’s soul journey through this lifetime and beyond.

Emotionally, Scolecite may be used to enhance the Heart chakra energies. It vibrates with an energy which quickens the expression of love and bonding in relationships.


Meditating with Scolecite allows you to come back to center, raise your vibration and communicate with your Spirit Guide(s). Hold a piece in your hand or place a piece on your third eye during meditation. Envision yourself surrounded by sparkling, flowing white light. Breath in, breath out. Again, but slower this time. Feel yourself relaxing and opening to the Divine. 

5 Spiritual Benefits of Scolecite

  1. Calming and relaxing to mind, body, spirit.
  2. Aids in communicating with Spirit, Higher Self and other dimensions.
  3. A wonderful dream stone, Scolecite will aid you in understand the symbolism in your dreams.
  4. Opens the higher chakras to aid in intuition, wisdom and connection to Source.
  5. Strengthens connections in relationships.
Common Origins: India, Brazil, Scotland, Iceland & USA
Associated Chakras: Third Eye & Crown
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn
Elements: Air