How to Light Incense Cones

Written by Laura Peto


Posted on May 23 2022

How to Light Incense Cones

Not only do incense come in a huge array of aromas, they also come in a variety of forms, from sticks to rope to powder to cone.  Incense cones are small, compact and burn quickly compared to other forms. Burning incense cones are great when you want just a bit of aroma in your area or have a smaller home. 

Incense cone

Incense cones are quick, easy and relatively mess free! Here are the steps to begin your cone journey.


You're going to need a few things:

  • Incense cone
  • Dish or incense burner
  • Lighter or matches
  • Sand (this is optional, but does help)


  • If you are using sand, place it in the bottom of the heat-proof vessel. Sand improves the air flow around the cone and acts as a heat shield for your burner.
  • Place your cone in the vessel
  • Light the pointed tip of the cone and allow it to catch
  • Blow out the flame
  • Make sure the entire tip of the cone is cherry red (otherwise it won't burn evenly). If it's not, relight the tip again.
  • Ensure your cone is not in the direct line of a fan, air conditioning vent or open window. Moving air will make the cone burn very quickly.


Sit back and enjoy the aroma. Most incense cones burn for between 10-20 mintues, depending on their size and room conditions. And, the great thing about cones is that they stay in their cone form after they have burned all the way down. No mess! Once the spent cone has cooled, you can discard it.

A note on safety

Never leave a lit cone unattended or near children or pets.