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7 Day Ritual Candle | Raven

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Our Raven 7 day ritual candle is scented with myrrh and makes a wonderful addition to your sacred space.

This jet black bird is the keeper of synchronicity and is a master at bending and folding time and space.

Meditating on this spirit animal will provide you with insight, knowledge and guidance. This animal totem is a powerful ally for those who practice High Magick and are accustomed to working with the shadow side of themselves and others.


  • Promotes psychic abilities and spiritual awakening
  • Helps with magickal practices and altered states of awareness
  • Connects you to the raven spirit for a more profound understanding
  • Symbolizes synchronicities, magick and the Spirit realm
  • Great for divinations, psychic knowledge and spellcasting


  • Glass 8" jar
  • Myrrh aroma (this is an energetically cleansing aroma)
  • Colored wax

Please note: While 7 day candles are said to burn for 7 days, sometimes they do not. This may be a result of a few different reasons:

  1. There is a draft near the candle
  2. The wick has been trimmed too short (we suggest NOT trimming the wick at all before lighting)
  3. The candle is using a large amount of energy to work. When this happens, you may see the flame flickering and become larger than normal. Please keep an eye on your candle if this is happening.
**Always use caution when burning candles. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near children or pets.

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Greg Farina
Great candle!

love the scent & the color of this candle, thanks!