Arabian Myrrh resin incense

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Arabian Myrrh is one of the best resins to use for clearing negative energy, consecrating and purifying an area/person and for protection.

Arabian Myrrh is some of the finest resin incense found on the market. This is a Holy incense and as such, is the perfect resin to use during prayer or meditation. 

In ancient Egypt, Myrrh was used to call upon the Goddess Isis and as an offering to Ra, the Sun God. In Christian tradition, it was one of the gifts brought to Jesus upon his birth. 

Myrrh is thought to unite Heaven and Earth by awakening your awareness to your Higher Self. In Kundalini, it is used to strengthen the bond between the crown (heaven) and base (Earth) chakras.

You will receive a 1oz packet of this beautiful resin incense, which is best burned on a charcoal disc found here