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Buddha Head Candle

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From prince to symbol, the Buddha is a representation of complete enlightenment and peace in one’s life. Built to follow his teachings, Buddhist practices combine the meditative, mindful practices with a beautiful philosophy, to achieve a grounding in the present and inner peace.

As a tribute and reminder of this message and practice, we offer this Buddha head candle to give you a physical focus for your meditation. Many all over the world use the Buddha to focus their attention during mindful moments, now you can too.

Available in four iridescent colors to identify with your moods, this is a bestseller for improving your meditative practices, as you follow in the footsteps of the Enlightened One, in achieving oneness with nature and yourself.

Candle gazing is a powerful practice in a darkened room, dulling the senses as sight is captured by a single, small yet powerful flame. This allows you to focus on one thing, forgetting all else in your life as you reflect on yourself in the present.

Measuring 4¼” x 2½”, each candle is to be placed on a heat proof dish for use, and must be kept away from unattended children.