White Sage Loose - House Smudging

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Burning sage (smudging) is an important part of energetic house clearing. Practiced by Native Americans and Shamans for centuries to clear negative energy from spaces, objects and people. One of the most sacred ceremonial plants to seek blessings and encourage protection.

This is a 1.5oz bag of loose White Sage.

Directions: Place a small amount of loose sage in a heat proof vessel (we use an abalone shell with sand in the bottom). Light the sage and allow it to burn for a moment, then blow out the flame. It will continue to smolder and the smoke will carry the negativity away. Make sure a window or door is open when you begin. Start at one end of your home and fan the smoke (usually with a feather) toward the upper corners of each room. You may say a prayer while doing this, but it is completely up to you! When you have finished with your clearing, do not snuff out the bundle, the sage will know when the work is done. Allow it to rest on a heat proof dish until it goes out on it's own. Always use caution when working with sage and never leave it unattended.

 Read about smudging here: https://esotericaromablog.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/the-art-of-smudging/