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Egyptian Myrrh resin incense

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Egyptian Myrrh is renowned for its holy qualities. Having been recorded in many stories which relate to the Divine, it aids in taking us away from worldly struggles. This is the perfect resin to use during prayer or meditation, consecrating altar tools, purifying a space or creating a protective, spiritual barrier.

In ancient Egypt, Myrrh was used to call upon the Goddess Isis and as an offering to Ra, the Sun God. In addition to this, it was brought to Jesus as a gift upon his birth.

There’s clear evidence to show this has been used to bring ourselves to new levels of consciousness since ancient times. It’s been known to elevate ourselves in bringing Spiritual heaven closer to earth to become awake to our higher selves.

Fragrance rich and smooth as butter, use Myrrh to enhance your meditation by providing an indulgent aroma, bathing the senses in feelings and thoughts of the present as you return to yourself, and remove yourself from external pressures.

Resin was the original incense and is still used for good reason. Burn resin when looking for deeper spiritual connection between the self and the universe. To enhance meditation and introspection.



  • 1oz kraft packet

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Wonderful resin! Shipped out quickly and t...

Wonderful resin! Shipped out quickly and the packaging is always very nice!

Very pleased with this myrrh. First time u...

Very pleased with this myrrh. First time using resin incense. Will buy again. Thank you!

jeffrey waxman

The best Myrrh I have purchased. Smells fantastic!!!