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Frangipani natural incense sticks

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Frangipani epitomizes Divine perfection. These incense sticks can be used for meditation on perfect love and perfect trust. It is a wonderful offering to the Gods and lends scented wings to your prayers. Its divine aroma is said to inspire Divine benevolence and mercy.

Frangipani is also known as Plumeria and the tree's delicate, silken flowers appear in a myriad of variations. Its enchanting scent can be described as the Mother of all Perfumes - it is nectar for the Gods.

In India, Bali and other tropical countries it is indeed held sacred and present at every ceremony. But most of all it is sacred to Krishna. Frangipani trees are frequently planted in temple grounds, which has earned them the name 'Pagoda trees'. In India, they are also often planted near graves and revered as a 'Tree of Life' that symbolizes the eternal life of the soul. The Maya of Central America also hold this tree sacred.


  • Each stick is 8" long and will burn approx 30min.
  • 15g (approx 12-14 sticks)