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Petrovsky Shungite

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Weight: 31-40g

Petrovsky Shungite is an intermediate stage between Black Shungite, which is 64% carbon and Elite Shungite, which is 98% carbon. This particular type of Shungite is made up of 75% carbon and is widely used for water purification and EMF protection. Because there is a bit more of this particular type of Shungite available on the market (compared to Elite Shungite) it is a more affordable option for some.

Estimated to be around 2 billion years old, this is a truly extraordinary stone. It is the only natural material that contains "fullerenes", which are a powerful antioxidant. This stone is known to cleanse, purify and vibrationally charge water. The scientists who discovered this amazing antioxidant were awarded a Nobel Prize.

It is only found in 1 place in Russia, where it has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years for its amazing properties.

Metaphysically it is used to infuse the Auric field with light and because it is such an ancient stone, is said to contain deep primordial energy that can be beneficial when working with Ancient Spirits.

Our Petrovsky Shungite comes to us directly from Russia and is absolutely beautiful!


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  • Coloring is matte black with some matrix (white)

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This crystal is beautiful. It is exactly a...

This crystal is beautiful. It is exactly as pictured. Very happy with the purchase.

This is a beautiful specimen!! I'm excited...

This is a beautiful specimen!! I'm excited to make good use of it here at home. I was delighted to also receive a Prophecy Stone—I explained to my husband that it is a very cool rock, and such a neat gift. Both stones came each with a slip of paper with helpful info. Wonderful, thank you.