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Ritual Black Salt with red Spanish glass bottle

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Black Salt is a staple in many Wiccan households. With its myriad of uses, this is one of the most versatile tools you can use for your spiritual practice. While the list of uses is long, it is primarily put to use for protection, banishing and energetic cleansing.

A few examples of what Black Salt is used for:

  • Banishing negativity by sprinkling black salt around the perimeter of your property, combined with any other cleansing method of your choice.
  • Thin lines of salt along the threshold of windows and doors to keep out negative energy and spirits.
  • Keeping a hidden stash of Black Salt in shared spaces is said to absorb anger, negative feelings, and jealousy – leading to more positive interactions.
  • Adding some Black Salt when making a charm for positive outcomes such as wealth or luck is said to ward off jealousy once those outcomes are achieved.
  • Black salt can represent the element of Earth in new moon, shadow magic or Dark Goddess rites.
  • A teaspoon or so of black salt dissolved in water makes an effective wash for extra-nasty energetic problems. (Be careful—colored salt can stain clothes and surfaces.) Wash your floor from the back of the room toward the door, and your body from the top down.
  • When an unwanted person is leaving your home, throw a pinch of black salt in their footsteps to prevent their return. Said to be especially effective against witches and ill-wishers.
  • Make a protective candle by rolling the still-soft wax in black salt. If using an existing candle, you can melt the wax surface slightly with the flame of a lighter. Use the candle in spells of protection and banishing.


  • Set includes red Spanish glass bottle with cork stopper
  • 4oz black salt

*Black Salt is NOT food grade and should never be consumed